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METROPWR FX771 Coupler 3kWatt FX3

METROPWR FX771   Coupler 3kWatt FX3
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Επιπλέον χαρακτηριστικά :

METROPWR FX771 + Coupler 3kWatt FX3 .

Technical Features .


Coverage 1.8/55 MHz 160/6mt + VHF/UHF (optional) Measure Power AVG, PeP, dBm, R, Z, X , SWR, ReturnLoss Power Range 1mW /3/5Kw Accuracy SWR <5% Directivity Coupler 30dB Accuracy Power <10% Fs Operating voltage 13.8V Dimensions 178X100X20 mm Weight 200gr Functional characteristics Display TFT 3.1” 16 K color Touch screen uP 32bit + Coprocessor 16 Internal Menus PC USB port ADC resolution 16bit Fast I2C Port updating Firmware USB App Pc Software Compatible Windows 10 METROPWR FX771, is a modern VECTOR POWER/SWR METER completely digital. It’s composed of a wattmeter and a power coupler for measurements up to 3Kw. It has a very modern and slim design, and very high performance. It has inside a fast 32bit processor plus a coprocessor to handle all the measurements in real time, and measure Power (AVG, PeP, dBm) , SWR, R, Z, X, %Mod and more, (include FX3 Coupler).

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